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    Our Top Pick


    T-Mobile has the most aggressive offer for us that is hard to pass up. $10 a month for 2GB data AND that includes a Samsung Tablet. Best of all, no contract! After 2GB it will throttle down. 2GB is more than enough for delivery tracker and NSSA. This deal will require a business credit check. The $200 tablet will be billed and credited monthly for 24 months. If you leave before the 24 months, you'll just owe the remaining balance. T-Mobile recently purchased Sprint and covers 99% of the US. Check your coverage here. T-Mobile Coverage Map  

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    Runner Up

    Dynalink has a great AT&T option for us. $20 a month for a Samsung tablet with 1GB of shared data. This 1 GB of shared data will "Pool" between your tablets and should be more than enough for NAPA Delivery Tracker or NAPA Store Systems App. They will setup the tablet for us with a case and install the required NAPA application for free!
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